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When Emily and Jenna met through the beauty industry, they knew they would do great things together in this world. They have created a brand that is not only super inclusive, but different and fun. They both wanted to show their fun, fashion forward personalities through their work and social media.

Honey and Pearl aka Emily and Jenna are so proud and honoured to be a part of the event industry and share these big moments with all the women they do business with.

Whether the girls are just spending the morning with you to make you feel as confident and beautiful as you are, or the entire day with you as your personal glam squad, you know you will leave feeling better than when you started.

These girls are here to make you feel your absolute best and have a blast in the process!

the girls
Emily & Jenna

When they aren't busy with brides, you can find them staying active in the dog park with their doggos and boyfriends.

emily aka honey beauty

Emily has been in the beauty industry for the last 4 years. She started her journey as a self taught Make-up artist and landed a job with IT Cosmetics, and the Loreal brand, shortly after landing her IT Cosmetics job, Emily got hired on with Summit Salon Services where she consults and sells product to hair salons in Southern Alberta. Emily has been doing bridal Make-up for the past 3 years, she loves working with people and creating the clients vision for their big day. Emily has found major love for the beauty industry and all the beauty professions she has had the pleasure of working with. Her kit consists of many different brands, but mostly sticking to brands that are healthy for the skin, you should never sacrifice your skin, even on your big day!

jenna aka pearl + CO

Jenna has been in the beauty industry since she was 12 years old. A friend of her moms owned a salon and heard Jenna say one day “I think I want to be a hairstylist!” Her mom’s friend replied with “Well come work for me and find out.” Fast forward 17 years and Jenna is still loving the industry. She just opened up her own salon downtown Calgary on 17th Ave, in the heart of the retail and entertainment district. She is internationally trained and loves to travel. When you sit down for a service with Jenna, you will always leave feeling better than when you sat down. She will give you the confidence to strut down that aisle to your future husband/wife.

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